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LOAG Pro Program


Program is intended strictly for professional fishing guides and fly tyers.

Program is not for employees of fly-fishing stores, non-profit organizations or other fly-fishing industry vendors.



  • Preferred pricing on purchases of LOAG products for personal use only.
  • Receive pre-release access to new LOAG products.
  • Participate in LOAG Customer Influencer Coupon program and earn cash rebates.
  • Opportunities for highlighted social media exposure (example: Blog article contribution) to help grow your business and personal profile.
  • Fishing Guides are included on the online LOAG Fishing Guide Locator to help grow your clientele.




Pro Fishing Guides

Demonstrate you’re a bona-fide, professional fishing guide typically guiding more than 100 days per year.


Pro Fly Tyers

Demonstrate you are a professional fly tyer who designs flies for commercial fly companies, participates regularly in fly fishing shows and events, writes books or contributes articles to fly fishing publications, and/or is a qualified fly-tying instructor.



Pro Fishing Guides use LOAG products…. in your regular guiding activities:

  • Pro Fly Tyers use Flymen products in your fly design and tying activities.
  • Actively promote our products directly to customers and help create positive influence via social media.
  • Provide us with photos or videos of our products in action to inspire customers.
  • Be willing to represent our company at fishing shows and fly-tying events.
  • Be willing to represent our company at fishing tournaments.
  • Display any promotional materials that we’ll provide, such as logos, decals and samples.